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I found her catching the ear of the women in the audience who are mid-career level wanting to get ahead or a promotion, but are lacking the self-confidence and leadership skills necessary to get there.

Lia Tatevoisan, VP Operations
Swinerton Builders


A Woman's Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership

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GENDER BALANCED LEADERSHIP: How to Create Inclusive Cultures that Drive Innovation


We live in a volatile, unstable, complex and ambiguous world, and although this is a term that was coined for the military, we can use it to describe today’s business world as well.

How can we lead in a shifting world where innovation and creativity are necessary to remain competitive? What qualities are necessary for us to foster inclusive environments where people can thrive?

In this eye-opening, perspective-shifting keynote, Monique will present a new model of leadership that balances the traditional way of leading along with the strengths people are looking for their leaders today: empathy, compassion, care, and vulnerability, among others.

In this keynote, you will learn about:

  • The business case for diversity and how organizations can better leverage it

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  • The latest research that tells us which qualities people are looking for in their leaders today
  • The 5 qualities of leadership that lead to organizational performance
  • A new model of gender-balanced leadership that allows us to leverage the strengths women bring to the table
  • How we can engage men to embrace and value these behaviors

Perfect for: A mixed-gender audience geared toward high-potential leaders, all the way to C-suite executives who are committed to building inclusive organizations.