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She gives great real-life examples and connects to her audience deeply.

Dominique Hargreaves
Executive Director, USGBC


A Woman's Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership

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  • Leadership & Diversity Training: Inside organizations and at conferences and events.
  • Speaking: Keynote speaking, conference breakout speaker and workshop facilitator.
  • Facilitation: Meetings, retreats and strategic planning sessions.
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching: Executive, management and organizational effectiveness.

What You’ll Get

  • Real world, practical tools that are easy-to-use and don’t cost money.
  • Direct and honest leadership and diversity training to solve challenges.
  • Business consulting using relevant examples that make training programs come to life.
  • A fun, engaging and energetic delivery. Because people learn better when they’re having fun.
  • Unique sales and leadership training designed specifically for your organization.

Leadership & Diversity Training & Coaching

Monique’s leadership and diversity training programs and executive coaching are transformative. Participants receive easy-to-implement tools that make an immediate difference. Clients report that even a year after a single program, employees are still leveraging Monique’s tools to build high-performing teams and drive innovation within their organizations.

Corporate Training Can Be Fun?


Monique is anything but boring. Some clients admit they hire Monique because they know people will have a great time attending her leadership and diversity training – aka participants will be awake and engaged. Monique appreciates that people think she’s high energy and fun, that’s really not enough. She believes that leave a short speech or a longer corporate training program and don’t know exactly what to do and how to do it, then the program was not a good use of their time or money.