Who I Am

female confidence trainer Monique Tallon

Monique Tallon, CPCC, ACC is a Women’s Leadership and Inclusion expert, and author of Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership. She is also the CEO of Highest Path Global, a boutique executive coaching and training firm specializing in developing 21st century leaders and building gender balanced, inclusive cultures where innovation can thrive. Highest Path helps organizations attract and retain the right customers and talent by creating workplaces that value diversity and where collaboration, transparency and trust lead to better business outcomes.

Monique comes from the world of tech in Silicon Valley. Her previous experience as a Marketing manager where she produced tradeshows and large-scale conferences for eBay, Inc., including a 10,000 person conference where she managed internal and external teams and led one of the most successful events in the company’s 10 year history.

Monique started her coaching and training business in 2009. She left her corporate job with a specific desire to help women navigate the myriad challenges they face in the corporate world.

Through her first‐hand experience working in the male‐dominated corporate world of Silicon Valley, Monique learned at a young age that in business that what works for men doesn’t necessarily work for women. She discovered that there was a different way to lead that felt more authentic to who she was and not surprisingly, turned out to be as (if not more!) effective in delivering business results.

This led her to create the Feminine Leadership Model™  to help women embrace their feminine strengths and combine them with traditional qualities to develop an effective leadership presence and create more influence and impact, which is the central theme in her book, Leading Gracefully.

Combining 15 years of personal development work, professional coach training, and corporate experience, she has coached and trained hundreds of executives in organizations like Microsoft, Siemens, DeloitteSamsung Next, Juniper Networks, Dundee Precious Metals, among others to cultivate a leadership style that is ultimately more inclusive and drives innovation – two things that are necessary in the 21st century economy.

Monique has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from San Francisco State University and received her coach training at the internationally known Coaches Training Institute. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and the National Speakers Association.

Monique’s innovative approach to advancing women’s leadership and gender balanced organizations has led her to speak and train throughout the United States as well as the UK, Italy, France and Armenia.