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Based on Monique’s top-selling book, Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership, you will discover what it takes to be a successful female leader in a world still very much dominated by men.

You’ll learn about a radically new approach to leadership that is designed to play to women’s strengths, while leveraging traditional qualities of leadership. What works for men doesn't necessarily work for women in a leadership context, and given obstacles like gender bias, women need a new roadmap to leadership that is designed to help them succeed.

This two-hour interactive workshop is perfect for women in all levels of their career. It is designed to give female professionals the opportunity to self-reflect and create awareness around where they fall on the leadership spectrum, the impact of their current leadership style, and the capacities that they need to develop to get to the next level in their effectiveness as leaders. Whether you manage people or projects, this workshop will give you the tools to expand the business results you get.

nibcoYou'll learn about:

  • The Double Bind and the "Leadership Tightrope" challenge unique to women
  • Latest research that proves that women are poised for leading teams that lead to greater innovation
  • 7 strengths that women possess that are necessary for leading high-performing teams and organizations
  • 4 traditional qualities of leadership that women need for maximum impact
  • Action steps and commitments to transform your leadership effectiveness

Perfect for: Women in all levels of their career, from high-potentials to senior executives who want to lead with more impact.





One of the biggest obstacles that prevents women from taking a seat at the table is self-confidence. In order to close the gender gap, we need more women to aim for positions of leadership.

However, a lack of confidence can hold women back from everything from voicing an opinion in the boardroom to applying for a promotion. Addressing how to increase self-confidence is critical if women want to be impactful and effective leaders.

Learning how to overcome these barriers is a critical issue no matter what level you are in your career. However, many women over-index on competence vs confidence and don't realize that success depends on both. Without sufficient levels of confidence, taking the actions to get to the next level whether a promotion, salary increase or a high visibility project, becomes nearly impossible.

In this two-hour, interactive workshop we will explore:

  • nibcoWhy confidence matters, dispelling the myth that competence is enough to get ahead
  • How women tend to over-index in competence but not confidence
  • How to identify the inner-dialogue of the “Inner Bully” that gets in the way of confidence
  • Practical tools you can use right away to increase your self-confidence, including turning up the volume on your “Inner Cheerleader”


Perfect for: Women in all levels of their career, from high-potentials to senior leaders who want to get to the next level in their career.